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The Who, What, Why, When & Where of Us.

Supportive Solutions is a proudly-owned small business. We have no desire to become a big business. We think small is great, because it connects us, as people, to you, as people. We want to provide you with products you want, and the kind of service that we like to receive, when we're the ones wearing the 'customer' hat. And we'll strive to do it at the best price we can. Pretty simple really.

We carry a growing range or products that can perhaps be broadly divided into the categories of Pop Culture, Musical, Pets, and 'all kinds of other stuff'. The collectibles, musical accessories and pet accessories are our biggest lines, but the 'other stuff' categories contain such items as a great range of silicone bakeware, computer and tablet/phone-related accessories, fitness accessories, gardening goodies and more. This may seem to be an odd assortment of items for a business to provide, which leads to the next question.

Our range of products has grown organically - that is to say, with a life of its own in a sense. It all started with a single item that I had found hard to source for my own use - so when I did locate it, it just made sense to buy a bunch of them and make them more easily available to other people. Then that grew slowly as I happened to be buying other items - I would track down good sources, away from the mainstream retailers, then take the opportunity to buy more than I needed and sell them on to others. At a certain point it all became a full-time activity for me and I added more and more items to the range, which has now grown to thousands of different products. So the reason for the slightly oddball collection of products in one place is that it's a representation of me, through my interests.

The Supportive Solutions journey started as a seller on EBay in 2009. By 2011 it was a full-time occupation and in 2012 we opened our own store separate to Ebay. We still maintain our Ebay presence, but our own Supportive Solutions web store now operates alongside and complements our Ebay business. With the launch of Amazon in Australia in 2018, we have also launched an Amazon presence, and have more projects planned for the future too.

Physically, we are located in Coleraine, in South-West Victoria - East of Melbourne, near the South Australian border. As an Internet business that is of course not of huge relevance, because the vast majority of our customers live elsewhere and have their products delivered by mail. Although most of our buyers are in Australia, we have had customers on every continent. Even Antarctica - just once, with a set of guitar strings that were sent to someone down in the Antarctic Territories.

... and Finally.
A word or two about the faces behind the name. The creator and owner of Supportive Solutions is Kevin Martin - that's me and you can already see a little about me from the products I sell as they are all different reflections of aspects of me. You'll still often run into me during day-to-day contact with us. Or you may instead meet one of our friendly and helpful support staff. Feel free to get in touch through our contact page if you have any questions about Supportive Solutions - we're very happy to say hello and help in any way we can.
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The Fine Print
Registered Business Name: Supportive Solutions
ABN: 50042815300
Phone Number: 03 5575 2936
Business Location: Coleraine, Victoria.